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 Concrete Step Wizard

Concrete Step Wizard
DES PLAINES, IL - Forming concrete stairs with lumber has been a labor-intensive, time-consuming process... until now. The new Concrete Step Wizard simplifies this forming process, reduces material costs and improves jobsite productivity.

The Concrete Step Wizard adapts to any tread and riser dimension, with no limit to the number of steps. Using the change in elevation, the rise and run of the steps are determined. The step locations are marked on the stringer boards (approx 36" spacing) and the Concrete Step Wizard suspended from each mark. Riser boards, ripped across the bottom edge (45 angle) for easier finishing, are then attached to each Concrete Step Wizard to form the step.

No step is too big or too small, since the position of the Concrete Step Wizard on the stringer boards can be changed as stair elevations change. Being able to reposition the reusable Concrete Step Wizard reduces the material waste and labor costs associated with conventional lumber forming of concrete stairs.

Symons is the oldest and largest full-line manufacturer of labor-saving concrete forming systems, including related products, like the Concrete Step Wizard. Symons forming systems are marketed through companyowned locations in major metropolitan markets and more than 200 Symons Dealer outlets worldwide.

For further information contact Product Management at Symons, 200 E. Touhy Avenue, Des Plaines, IL 60018, (847) 298-3200.


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