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Diamond Wire Saws Granite Saws - Ogyu Manufacturing

Diamond Wire Saw Ogyu Manufacturing Inc.

Ogyu Manufacturing Inc. Diamond Wire Saw

Machine moves on rail, which creates more advantages than regular wire saw.
Option for auto shape cut device (limited length, extra cart necessary)
Low sound cutting.
about 1.5 square meter (16 square feet) per hour to cut gray granite (standard type).

Ogyu Manufacturing Inc. (Known in Japan as Milano Seisakusyo Co., Ltd.) manufactures machinery and diamond tools for stone and construction industry.

Ogyu Manufacturing Inc. has been developed a diamond wire sawing style for granite industry in Japan from late 1980's, and the number of the wire saws we manufactured has reached to 900 units and now spread our sale over the world.

Our Diamond Wire segments(beads) bonded with WC (tungsten carbide), have extreme hardness and durability against rubbing off, therefore the pitch between each segments could be longer than the other company's wire so that it work high cutting efficiency and high cutting precision.

One of our famous product is "Optical Tracing System" to create shape and curb cutting. Our Optical Tracing System has been patended, which the optical sensor traces a paper template and transmits that movement orders to the saw. This system does not use any expensive servo nor computer such as CNC. The movement of the sensor and the body of the machine are connected through a stainless wire and V-belt which is just simple structure with low cost and easy operation.

Ogyu Manufacturing Inc. designs and manufactures diamond tools too, and it allows them to achieve faster development of styles.

Hoping our technology/experience helps you.Ogyu Manufacturing Inc. always welcomes any question or inquiry for production/process of stones or construction materials.

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