Granite Saws, Large Diameter Diamond Saws

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Granite Saws, Large Diameter Diamond Saws

Most of the large diameter diamond blade granite saws (also referred to as diamond saws) made in the United States are manufactured in Elberton, Georgia by Georgia Granite Association (GGA) companies. Elberton is the “Granite Capital of the World”, not only because 2,000,000 cubic feet of select blue-gray granite is quarried annually, but also because of the service and manufacturing industries in the local area.  GGA granite saw and granite polisher manufacturing companies account for the majority of all granite processing machinery made in America. From giant diamond tipped granite saws up to 14 feet in diameter,  to precision wire saws, GGA Companies can provide the machinery you need to do any granite cutting, quarrying, or polishing job.   GGA Companies can design, build and install any equipment to meet your requirements.  Click here for photos and detailed information about quarry machinery. Click here to find a GGA granite and stone machinery supplier. 

Crown Construction Moving 11’6” Granite Saw With Auto Indexing

Moving 11’6” diamond granite saw with automatic indexing. Stops for slab thickness are  mounted on side of track for ease of setting. Cross-travel via rack and pinion over ac variable speed drive motor with soft-start.   Click photo for more information.

Crown Construction Heavy 9’ Diamond Tooth Granite Saw

Crown Construction 9-ft fixed bridge type with indexing table. Click photo for more information.

Crown Construction Gantry 30” Diamond granite Saw

Diamond saw with bridge, designed with single beam construction. Bridge of one 12”x12”x3/8” tube and 1 ˝” rod
guide with radius wheels and nylon slides for cross travel movement.   Click photo for more information.

Crown Construction Programmable Automatic Granite Polisher

Programmable Automatic Granite Polisher performs pre-selected sequences and run automatically from one slab to another whatever be the dimensions and heights. Machine has the abil1ty of polishing from 1 to 8 slabs of any dimensions.  Click photo for more information.

Standish Granite Diamond Belt Saw

Narrow Belt Stone Slab Cutting Saws using the patented one-half inch wide W.F.   Meyers Company diamond segment narrow belt.  Click photo for more info.

Georgia Granite Association Companies manufacture and supply granite quarry machinery, large granite and stone working machinery and equipment for the granite and stone industry including diamond wire  saws, diamond belt saws, large granite saws, diamond saws, rail saws, stone cutting tools, granite routers and profiling machines, diamond tools, and parts and accessories for the granite industry.



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