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Granite Countertop Fabricating Machinery


Bridge Saw for Stone & Granite XZQQ-625A

Granite cutting machine. This machine is PLC controlled with cutting dimensions set by terminal input. All operations are executed either manually by the operator or automatically by the program carrying out parallel cuts with max 8 different dimensions repeatable up to 1999 times. The switchboard, with operation buttons, programmer and liquid crystal display on it, is mounted on the right hand side of the machine. The switchboard make operator easily to control the machine from the sawing area when the stone is being positioned. The saw is equipped with a laser illumination system to aid in lining up the cut. The most important is the blade holder of machine can be tilting from 0 to 45 degree for chamfering cutting. So the machine can be satisfy for different special processing request. The cut is controlled through an inverter..Max cutting dimensions in MM 3200 x 3200 x 200. Max blade diameter 625 MM.

Granite slab saw, bridge slab saw, Shengda XZQQ-625a

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