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Stone & Granite Saws - ER Machine Work


ER Machine Work specializes in building custom machinery tailored to meet any unique demands from our customers. We can work with you on designing and building a custom machine from the ground up.  Just speak with one of our experienced sales staff, and give them an idea of your specific needs & budget requirements.

Customers no longer need to look to Europe in their search for quality stone working equipment.
 ER Machine Work is proud to offer our custom made stone

processing systems.


Up to 18' long
Up to (6) automatic functions. (Electric motor)
Cutting motor: 10HP/20HP(45 degrees)
Table rotates 360 degrees, with a hydraulic system to lift up.
Laser "Optional"
Installation Available
The bridge type machine with a rotary table is very useful for accurate edge cutting of slabs or monuments to required dimensions & angles.  

Why to buy a ER Machine? We produce machines made to measure, produced for your workshop.  We produce ourselves, in Miami. We donít sell machines produced in other countries.

Our Service. You call us and we help you.

We donít produce our machines on assembly lines. ER Machines represent real craftsmanship. We offer you the full range of machines necessary to run your business. Complete production lines and water treatment systems. Different machines - one supplier

ER Machines are the result of a 15 yearsí experience.

The top parts of our top line turntables are hot galvanized.

ER edge polishing machines offer a complete rust protection. Support sheets, splash guards, axles and screws are made of stainless steel, the entire base frame is hot galvanized.

 If you have any questions or would like to receive a quotation for any of our machines please contact us at:
Tel: 305-825-4447

Cell: 305-785-4328


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