Concrete Grindin & Polishing Machines

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Concrete grinding & Polishing Machines by WerkMaster

 Werk Industries manufactures the revolutionary WerkMaster concrete floor polishing machines that meet or exceed the demanding needs of the concrete, terrazzo, stone, hardwood flooring and building maintenance industries. Why is the WerkMaster™ so unique? SPEED! All models are designed to grind, sand, buff or polish to within 1/8" from any wall, plus being able to work under counter tops right back to the kick plate, virtually eliminating hand edging. WerkMaster's deliver a finish that you cannot get from today's concrete/stone planetary grinders and hardwood belt/drum sanders. WerkMaster's can also polish concrete counter tops and give new decorative design capabilities to tilt-up wall construction. Tel: 604-629-8700, Toll Free: 866-373-WERK, Fax: 604-990-9538.

WerkMaster 1800C–TITAN Terrazzo/Granite/Marble/Stone Grinding, Edging and Polishing machine

Four machines in one, WerkMaster's patent pending Octi-Disc™ Technology grinds, edges, polishes and buffs any stone or terrazzo surface to within 1/8" of a wall and under cabinets. Add our new patent pending Random Orbital Heads and see results you will never achieve with any other machine!


The WerkMaster 1600C–Raptor Grinding Machine

The WerkMaster™ Model 1600C–Raptor is slightly larger than the Europa, weighing in about 100 pounds heavier, it is designed to meet the needs of today's professional concrete polishing and restoration contractor.


The WerkMaster 1400C–Europa Grinding Machine

The WerkMaster™ Model 1400C–Europa is designed to grind, polish, edge and buff any concrete surface including terrazzo and all natural stone products.


WerkMaster Ganging System

WerkMaster is proud to announce the development and production of the new Patent Pending WerkMaster Ganging System. Designed to combine two machines that can easily be managed by one operator.


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